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We are a fresh team with years of experience in electronic financial management and digital bookkeeping and accounting. In addition to legally required bookkeeping, we are used to tackling even the most challenging business situations.

We know the everyday life of an entrepreneur and will assist you come rain or shine.

Tim Matikainen

Founder, entrepreneur and a pioneer in electronic financial management

Economy and investing has interested Tim ever since he was little and so he learned interpreting accounting and analyzing financial statements already as a teenaged investor. Which quickly led to an experience-rich career in the financial management field: investor, controller, accountor, financial manager and entrepreneur. Now also a certified Procountor instructor.

This fellow has endless amounts of war stories from large public companies’ ledger bunkers as well as from saving small companies from the fangs of bureaucracy and other business challenges. Tim can no longer be bothered with paperwork, which is why he is a pioneer in electronic financial management. He has also participated in the development of various financial management softwares. Hence Select is a completely digital accounting company – not even a printer can be found at the office.

Tim is motivated by problem solving and the success of his clients. When you have worked as an entrepreneur for a long time yourself, you can relate to the situations the clients are facing, and can rejoice seeing their businesses developing. When Tim isn’t reading beat literature or trading cryptocurrencies, he tends to society with a light dash of civil disobedience.

“You learn from mistakes and entrepreneurship is always worth it.”

Asko Torkkola

Veteran of accounting and electronic financial management

Asko’s career in accounting and financial management has reached its teens without any growing pains. As a counterbalance for accounting and solving challenging business situations, Asko enjoys music at work and in his spare time. Especially rock music drowns out the daily office noises.

In accounting Asko is motivated by the trustworthiness of numbers. By finding the right receipts, accounts and processes, you find the truth and the way to develop your business further. Asko finds it especially refreshing to face challenges that you can solve with persistent work and wit.

“A day without music is a day wasted.”

Tuulia Kilpi

Electronic financial management specialist

August Sirén

Business controller & electronic financial management specialist

This tall gentleman from Turku has recently moved to Helsinki area, where he is a vital part of the team of Select. August has substantial experience with accounting and electronic financial management, which has led him to becoming a certified Procountor instructor and writing his thesis on accounting of cryptocurrencies.

Challenging work, but a laid back attitude: August’s days are spent dealing with accounting and tricky business challenges but evenings are enjoyed with great craft beer and friends. August is also a true professional of electronic financial management who doesn’t let his geographical location be a problem: the clients’ business challenges can be solved even from the Finnish woodlands or from the edge of a jungle. He finds his motivation in work and life in general from learning new things and strong experiences.

“Rafting? Sure just a sec, I’ll finish this financial statement first.”

Joonas Raukomaa

Electronic financial management specialist, crypto accounting and tax specialist

Lotta Ek

Professional of management and processes

Lotta is an experienced management tasks organizer. She knows how to make things flow smoothly and how to minimize unnecessary hassle. When everything goes by the process you have time to relax too – which isn’t a given for this young mother by any means. When Lotta isn’t organizing clients’ management or optimizing internal processes, she is growing a new little guy into this world. Adorably energetic Miltton has been a familiar sight at the Select office where this young boy gets to know financial management in baby steps. This relates to Lotta’s motivation at work and home: seeing others grow and develop.

“Development always takes you a step further.”

Helen Kontturi

Specialist in accounting and a professional in electronic financial management

This punctual number cruncher is motivated by clear and predictable accounting, but the curious mind is also fascinated by the complexity of the human mind. Helen is not only a financial management professional of over 10 years but also a life coach.

Working at an accounting company also combines both of her worlds, the bureaucratic side focused on numbers, and the humane side. Meeting, supporting and seeing the success of different kinds of clients makes toiling with bureaucracy rewarding. Well made accounting is satisfying for Helen’s pedantic mindset: it’s wonderful to see clear and concise accounting.

Helen’s hobbies also require punctuality and dealing with numbers: keeping 20 horses tame is easier said than done, but thankfully she has her family and an Australian cattle dog to help.

“Don’t be afraid to confront yourself - decide what you want - act accordingly.”

Natalja Kikas

Electronic financial management specialist

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