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Procountor – the cloud service for financial management

Procountor is a cloud based financial management software, which makes handling everything more efficient compared to the traditional paper-based financial management. Procountor works for the needs of both smaller or bigger businesses, and it can be easily taken to use at any point during the fiscal year.

Select Financial Services is a certified Procountor accounting company. This means that we have thorough expertise on the system and we can offer assistance on its use based on individual needs or goals. For that reason we have also set up a separate Procountor support service.

In-depth training and professional counselling

Procountor Clinic is a service centered on how to start using the system and how to utilise it most efficiently. Depending on the skillbase of the client we will show in-depth how to use the Procountor, or give advice on specific problems. We don’t just read the manual for the cloud service, but rather show the best ways of using it taking into account specific goals. Procountor Clinic is located at our office in the Helsinki city centre.

Reserve a time for Procountor guidance

If you require assistance with any challenges regarding the use of Procountor, contact us. By reserving a time, you will receive efficient and comprehensive assistance with the program, with expert knowledge but with an easygoing vibe.

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