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A partner for your business

In addition to legally required bookkeeping, we also help our clients to grow and develop their business. We craft a suitable process for each of our clients, which is the groundwork for our cooperation. The success of our clients is also the success of Select.

Cooperation with your accounting company

In addition to legally required bookkeeping we want to help our clients fulfill their goals and utilize the full potential of their business. Every company is different and the targets of their businesses can vary significantly, which is why we will tailor a suitable process for financial management for each of our clients.

Efficient cooperation between the client and the accounting company frees up time and resources to improve business. Our office is located in the Helsinki city centre, but with digital financial management tools, we serve clients all across Finland.

Electronic financial management – goodbye to paperwork

With digital tools we can skip dealing with the usual mountains of paperwork and focus on important things. When financial management is done electronically and accounting digitally, you are left with more time and resources to develop your business.

In electronic financial management all invoices are sent and received electronically. If you are still receiving paper invoices from some of your partners, our scanning service will convert them without trouble. All receipts can be saved to accounting with a mobile application. Accounting materials can be kept electronically, so you’ll have no need to archive heaps of papers.

As the entirety of your financial management can be managed within a single system, we can monitor the company’s finances in real time. This also makes creating various financial reports easier, and we can back up your business solutions with numerical data, for example when making funding applications.

Financial management partner – more than legally required bookkeeping

We serve our clients in all parts of the company’s lifespan, from planning the business to starting it, and to continual support. Traditionally the accountant enters transactions to accounting and makes the necessary declarations to authorities. We want to get to know our clients’ businesses and support their development. Because of that, many of our monthly packages include a monthly meeting regarding business development.

In case you have questions about your business, we can give you reports and cash flow calculations, which we can use to start to unwrap the challenges. We will gladly contemplate business development together with our clients. We are also used to helping companies overcome rough patches and to give aid even in challenging business situations.

Faster growth by numerical data

Quantitative data and business expertise gives us means to look for new business development opportunities. With exact and current data our experts help you utilise the full potential of your business. We can help you minimise expenses, plan your cash flow and avoid pitfalls regarding taxation, making business a smooth sailing. Electronic financial management makes managing account ledgers simple and efficient, and you won’t forget any invoices. We can help with pricing decisions and make sure you have no unnecessary expenses.

Let’s arrange a meeting and start developing your business growth together!

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Questions regarding the digitalization of accounting

Should I digitize my financial management?

Making your company’s financial management electronic and automated is always beneficial. Traditional paper-based accounting wastes natural resources and working hours. Making the shift is inexpensive and can even be done during the fiscal year. Making financial management digital gives you more time for productive work.

How does the digitization process work?

We will handle all of the practical work regarding the digitization of financial management. We will plan out the best way to do the transition, contact your current accounting company and move all of the bookkeeping and financial management etc. to Procountor or other systems. We will teach you how to operate the system and help plan the future of the business focusing on the goals of your company.

How expensive is the process?

The costs depend on the service package and tools chosen, the practical implementation, and the amount of information that needs to be processed. In any case, the efficiency of digitizing your financial management certainly frees up resources to increase the performance of your actual business.

Lift your business to the next level.