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Efficiency and accuracy with digital tools

In traditional paper based financial management a lot of time is spent on work that is completely unproductive for the business. The more large-scale the business grows, the more time is spent on routine management tasks. Modern cloud-based tools help you streamline everything regarding accounting, so that your company can focus on actual business.

Digital accounting means managing your company’s finances utilizing digital systems. With those everything related to invoices, accounting, declarations to authorities, taxation etc. happens quicker and more reliably. Truly electronic financial management is still a step forward from this; information systems collect data of all of the actions in real time, and no time is spent on creating invoices, reports or other documents.

Clear & successful business

Digitized financial management enables real time transmission of information to the accounting system. Transactions are registered immediately and the company’s financial information can be accessed online anywhere and any time, even by multiple people simultaneously. This makes activity more efficient and makes decision making clearer. Digitalization of accounting creates a basis which helps business development.

Being in an electronic environment means that the same data can be accessed by both the client company and the accounting company, wherever and whenever. Both parties stay on the same wavelength and can focus their energy on the successfulness and continuity of the business. More efficient communication means less errors, and makes fixing them easier.

Your company’s partner in financial management

We at Select Financial Services, serve our clients in all parts of the company’s lifespan, from planning the business to starting it and to continual support. In financial management the basis of our work is at ensuring continuity and reaching the goals of our clients. We help new companies to begin their businesses, and help already established companies digitize their bookkeeping and accounting. We carry out statutory reports and help to plan out finances for companies and entrepreneurs alike.

We digitize e.g. these fields of financial management:

  • Sales invoicing: creating, confirming and sending sales invoices; saving invoices to sales ledger and accounting; examining outstanding invoices and sending reminders; creating and sending sales reports.
  • Purchase invoices: receiving, checking, confirming and paying purchase invoices; saving invoices to purchase ledger and accounting; managing account statements.
  • Travel and expense invoices: Creating, confirming and paying travel and expense invoices; transferring travel and expense invoices to accounting.
  • Payroll: Creating and paying calculations of salaries; sending calculations via mail or electronically; automatically saving salary information; to accounting and reports.
  • Taxation: VAT; income tax; taxation advice; calculations; declarations to authorities; tax planning.
  • Accounting: Entirely digitizing and automatizing accounting; transaction entries, income statements, balances; declarations to authorities.
  • Reporting: Creating, archiving and sending reports digitally or on paper. We have the best tools the field has to offer at our disposal

Finago Procountor is the leading financial management system on the market. Procountor is a cloud service, on which the company’s bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, purchase and sales invoicing, declarations to authorities, and pretty much everything else related to financial management can be handled completely electronically.

The system also has other features, such as a scanning service for receipts. The transition to Procountor can be made at any point of the fiscal year, by transferring the information to the system either manually or by scanning. Select Financial Services is a Procountor Gold Partner. We have thorough expertise on the system, and we offer our clients assistance on its use.

Holvi is a Finnish business account, created as an alternative for traditional bank accounts. The services of Holvi are completely online and its features make it a financial management support tool, rather than just a normal business account. On your Holvi account, you can easily create and pay invoices, enter transactions, budget, make reports, and even create your own webshop without any web design skills. You can log in to Holvi both via browser or mobile application.

Smooth cooperation

We build our digital financial management centered on the needs of our clients with a fixed cost and no hidden fees. We serve customers from every industry and especially tech startups and solo entrepreneurs, but we also have a lot of restaurants and manufacturers as clients.

Let’s arrange a meeting and start developing your business growth together!

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Questions regarding the digitalization of accounting

Should I digitize my financial management?

Making your company’s financial management electronic and automated is always beneficial. Traditional paper-based accounting wastes natural resources and working hours. Making the shift is inexpensive and can even be done during the fiscal year. Making financial management digital gives you more time for productive work.

How does the digitization process work?

We will handle all of the practical work regarding the digitization of financial management. We will plan out the best way to do the transition, contact your current accounting company and move all of the bookkeeping and financial management etc. to Procountor or other systems. We will teach you how to operate the system and help plan the future of the business focusing on the goals of your company.

How expensive is the process?

The costs depend on the service package and tools chosen, the practical implementation, and the amount of information that needs to be processed. In any case, the efficiency of digitizing your financial management certainly frees up resources to increase the performance of your actual business.

Lift your business to the next level.