Clients of Select 

Our clients operate in many different styles and industries. We craft a suitable process for each of our clients, which is the groundwork for our cooperation. Long lasting customer relationships are in the center of our operation, and the success of our clients is also the success of our team.

Select supporting
the growth of Xpedio

“Select has been a very beneficial partner, when we are thinking about challenges regarding the company’s growth. It is fantastic that the accounting company knows our business so well, that we have been able to receive swift and effective expert consultation.”

Mirjami Sipponen-DamonteXpedio

Personal and effective service

“It has been easy to work with Select, and the service has been personal, and well fitted to the client's needs. Especially as a new entrepreneur, it is important to know how things are going, and that help is available when needed. With Select you also always know what you're paying for.”

Antti KoponenBouncy Oy

Support for seeking funding

“The support of Select has been golden for our business. With their help, we have been able to seek additional funding and grow our business. Financial management processes also work smoothly nowadays with digital tools.”

Cleber GoncalvesCoolHead Brew

Development in business

“Select has been an essential support in the development of our financial management, and has helped us in challenging business situations. It's great to have someone to turn to, when in doubt about questions regarding business.”

Shpat QerimiVISIO Festival

Make your life easier with electronic financial management

“Select and electronic financial management are a really effective combination. Utilising the receipt application makes life easier. The previous accountor gave us a paper-phobia. Paper and receipts were all over the place, but nowadays we don’t even need a printer.”

Martin GranbergIs It Cooking

Help to overcome difficult situations

“It's really great, that our accounting company can help us even in difficult situations. Whenever we have faced challenges, we have been able to turn to Select and start to look for solutions together. The business expertise and competent electronic tools of Select have made running the company significantly easier.”

Sunny KellmanMagu Helsinki

Financial management in cooperation

“The support of Select has been important in exceptional situations in business, and their diligent customer service attitude has made working with the accounting firm pleasant. With electronic tools and a shared process, handling business matters has got significantly easier.”

Niki RassaCyber Solutions

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