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Good accounting is the basis for growth

Every company has to handle their bookkeeping according to the law, and to follow the generally accepted accounting principles. The law related to bookkeeping and the generally accepted accounting principles are a complicated set of statutes, and because of that, it is best to outsource bookkeeping and financial management to an expert, such as an accounting company. This saves you from unfortunate mistakes and from having to learn the complex bureaucracy. It also frees time for the most important part – making successful business!

When you choose Select as your accounting company

  • Accounting is handled digitally, financial management electronically.

  • Declarations to authorities are made accurately and on time.

  • No need to spend your time on unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • You can concentrate on making successful business.

  • You always have a sparring partner to review your company’s finances with.

Accounting is handled well when you choose Select

Accounting is a painstaking process, which requires the memorisation of a whole lot of regulations and dates. The entrepreneur must take care of employer fees and taxes accurately and on time. Unless the declarations to authorities and other payments are made accordingly, the company will be fined, which can amount to a significant loss very quickly. The declarations to authorities should also be made correctly to avoid paying extra by mistake.

We at Select will make sure that your declarations to authorities won’t be delayed and that the sums are correct. Together with the client company we will develop a process which ensures that we will receive all the necessary materials easily and electronically, and that we can make the declarations on time. We are an accounting company that focuses on limited companies, and we know the things you need in order to handle the bureaucracy.

More time for productivity, when you outsource bookkeeping electronically

When you choose Select as your accounting company, you will receive the best electronic financial management tools on the market.  We will teach you how to use them, so you can handle your bookkeeping and financial management efficiently, and so that you don’t need to spend your time juggling receipts and binders.

We at Select are interested in our clients’ businesses, and we want to support our customers’ growth. When you don’t spend time on unnecessary paperwork, you can focus on productive work. With digital tools, accounting is almost real-time, and you can make educated business decisions with the data provided of the business.

Bookkeeping is legally required, but also a way to develop your business

Requisites in bookkeeping are not just statutory. The purpose of bookkeeping is to give a true and fair view of the finances of the company. Because of this, it interests many of the reference groups of the company, such as possible investors, lenders, business partners and the company’s board of directors.

The company’s management and board of directors can assess the company’s business and its improvement possibilities from the data provided by bookkeeping. From bookkeeping and accounting, you can deduce if you are spending too much on something, or if there’s a business opportunity available that has not been utilised yet. Challenges concerning the growth of the company should also be addressed based on accounting and bookkeeping.
The customers of Select often choose to have a monthly consultation meeting included in their bookkeeping package. At the meeting the entrepreneur takes a look at their finances together with the accounting company’s specialists. This gives the entrepreneur more certainty for developing their business in the future. We at Select want to be an all-encompassing business management partner for our clients. The success of our clients is also our success.

Financing is often a focal point in the development of a company, which is why accounting should be handled well. Doing only the statutory bookkeeping is not sufficient for a company, but the accounting must also be able to show potential investors the growth and repayment potential. Many business partners and B2B clients are also interested in the financial state of the company and the continuity of the business – yet another reason for good bookkeeping.

Select, business management partner

In addition to legally required bookkeeping, we also help our clients to grow and develop their business. Our clients receive the best digital financial management tools on the market, which produce accurate real-time data to give you a clear picture of the company’s finances. With exact and current data, our experts help you utilise the full potential of your business. We can help you minimise expenses, plan your cash flow and avoid pitfalls regarding taxation, which makes business a smooth sailing.

Entrepreneurship is a passion for us. We too are entrepreneurs, and the success of our clients is also our success.

Lift your business to the next level.

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Questions regarding the digitalization of accounting

Should I digitize my financial management?

Making your company’s financial management electronic and automated is always beneficial. Traditional paper-based accounting wastes natural resources and working hours. Making the shift is inexpensive and can even be done during the fiscal year. Making financial management digital gives you more time for productive work.

How does the digitization process work?

We will handle all of the practical work regarding the digitization of financial management. We will plan out the best way to do the transition, contact your current accounting company and move all of the bookkeeping and financial management etc. to Procountor or other systems. We will teach you how to operate the system and help plan the future of the business focusing on the goals of your company.

How expensive is the process?

The costs depend on the service package and tools chosen, the practical implementation, and the amount of information that needs to be processed. In any case, the efficiency of digitizing your financial management certainly frees up resources to increase the performance of your actual business.

Lift your business to the next level.